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Carson Commemorates 73rd Anniversary of the Social Security Program

Aug 14, 2008
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – To commemorate the 73rd Anniversary of the Social Security Act being signed into law, Congressman André Carson released the following statement today:

“The 73rd Anniversary of the signing of the Social Security Act provides us all with an excellent opportunity to celebrate and recognize one of our nation’s most treasured social programs.  This important government initiative seeks to ensure that all of our seniors are given the resources they need to live secure and stable lifestyles.
“Social Security provides benefits to retirees, the disabled and designated survivors.  Through Social Security, the United States government has helped millions of needy Americans and it is the largest source of income for retirees today.
“As the baby boomer generation begins to retire, the substantial increase in the number of Americans seeking to claim their benefits is fast approaching.  Therefore, it is incumbent upon the federal government to institute long-term measures that will keep the Social Security program fiscally sound and viable.
“As Americans we have a moral responsibility to protect our seniors.  The Social Security program helps us fulfill our commitment of ensuring that all seniors receive the benefits that they so rightly deserve and depend on.”

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