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Carson Statement on GOP Tax Bill

Nov 16, 2017
Press Release

Washington, DC - Today Congressman André Carson voted against a harmful Republican tax bill that would explode the deficit, increase taxes on the middle class and fail to simplify the tax code. In response, he released this statement:

“We all want lower taxes and a simpler tax code, but the goal should be to make our middle-class stronger.

“A good plan would simplify the system, support middle-class families, foster business development and job creation, encourage innovation and create opportunities for Americans to prosper in a 21st-Century economy. Today’s bill fails to achieve those goals while exploding the deficit.

“The bill that passed today puts large corporations and the one percent ahead of sick Americans, students, teachers, veterans, seniors and the estimated 47.5 million Americans who will see a tax increase by 2027. If that isn’t enough, the bill leaves our children and grandchildren to pay off over $1.7 trillion in new debt.

“Instead of pursuing this bill, both Democrats and Republicans should go back to the drawing board and work together to pass comprehensive tax reform that will support middle-class families, foster business development, and create opportunities for Americans to prosper in a 21st- Century economy.”

“This bill is not yet law. Right now an equally odious version in the Senate faces significant challenges. There is still time to rally against it so I encourage all Americans to speak out.”