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Carson Statement on House Republicans' Tax Bill

Nov 3, 2017
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman André Carson (D-IN) released the following statement in response to the tax bill released by House Republicans:

This week, Republicans unveiled a tax bill written by millionaires, for millionaires, that will ultimately be paid for by low and middle-income families through brutal cuts​ to programs people rely on. 

This plan will not grow our economy, or help working families. Instead, millions of low and middle-income families will see a tax increase. This plan destroys deductions designed to help families with high medical costs, eliminates tax breaks for students paying their student loan interest or college tuition, and removes a tax break for teachers who spend their own money on classroom supplies.

This tax proposal clearly breaks a promise made by President Trump that ‘the rich will not be gaining at all with this plan.’ It eliminates the estate tax, amounting to a massive windfall for the top 0.2 percent of households, while middle-class families lose their ability to deduct state and local income taxes. This isn’t a plan to deliver growth – it’s a recipe to destabilize our economy and widen the gaps between the wealthiest and those most in need.


We all want lower taxes and a simpler tax code, but the goal should be to make our middle class stronger. I urge my Republican colleagues to go back to the drawing board, work with Democrats on a bipartisan plan, and pass comprehensive tax reform that will support middle-class families, foster business development, and create opportunities for Americans to prosper in a 21st century economy.


According to the National Association of Counties:

102,260 of Marion County Households claimed the State and Local Tax (SALT) in 2015 which allows tax filers who itemize deductions to write off their property taxes as well as their state and local income taxes or general sales taxes.

$8,770 = the average size of SALT deduction in Marion County

*All numbers are for 2015 (the most recent year data is available) according to the National Association of Counties.