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Carson Statement on Proposed Changes to HIP 2.0

Jun 7, 2017
Press Release
Congressman urging CMS to reject new state proposal

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congressman André Carson issued the following statement on proposed changes to the state’s Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP 2.0). Recently, Congressman Carson sent a letter to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) urging it to reject a new state proposal which would create unnecessary barriers for Hoosiers relying on HIP 2.0 for healthcare coverage. 

“I have long been proud to support Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) 2.0, which expanded healthcare coverage to almost 400,000 Hoosiers, most of whom were previously uninsured. However, recently the state proposed to amend HIP 2.0 by instituting a work requirement for many participants in the program. In response to this proposal, I recently sent a letter to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) urging them to reject this dangerous and unnecessary change.

“I would have always preferred a traditional Medicaid expansion, which would have put in place fewer barriers to Hoosiers in need of healthcare coverage. However, over the years I have supported Indiana’s bipartisan compromise in order to expand insurance coverage to as many Hoosiers as possible.

“While I am open to changes that address the places where HIP 2.0 falls short, the state’s proposal moves us away from that compromise and seeks to redefine Medicaid. Medicaid has always been intended as a healthcare program, helping those in need regardless of their employment status. Implementing work requirements threatens to take away healthcare from thousands of  low-income Hoosiers while doing little to connect them with job opportunities. In fact, without access to care that can keep them healthy and active, those who fall through the cracks will likely have an even harder time finding a job.”

To read a copy of the letter, click here.