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Carson Statement on Republican Short-Term Funding Bill

Jan 18, 2018
Press Release

Washington, DC – Congressman André Carson, (D- IN) released the following statement on the short-term funding bill that passed the House of Representatives this evening:


“Tonight I voted against a continuing resolution that would fund the government for one month at the expense of millions of vulnerable Americans.


“It is a disgrace that almost four months into the new fiscal year, Congress will kick the can down the road another four weeks for purely partisan, ideological reasons.  Having already failed this year to adopt a budget, pass spending bills, and restore regular order, the majority’s failure to enact full-year funding is not surprising. But for a group that was elected to represent the American people, it is a shameful abdication of our responsibility.


“Good governance means prioritizing the needs of the most vulnerable populations. Less than one month ago, Republicans—who control the House, Senate, and White House—passed a massive, permanent tax cut for the wealthiest Americans without any real deliberation in Congress. Yet today, they refuse to bring forward a long-term bill that would keep our government open and bring services to children, veterans, seniors, and immigrants. I cannot in good conscience support a spending bill that leaves behind those who most need our help.


“Americans deserve better than simply keeping our government open a few weeks at a time. They deserve a fully funded, operational government that keeps us safe, helps communities thrive, and supports families as they build better lives. I’ll stand with my Republican colleagues when they put forward a moral, compassionate bill that takes our country off autopilot and starts to move our country forward.”