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Rep. Carson Slams Continued Republican Assault on Americans’ Health Care

Jul 9, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Today, as the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals hears oral arguments in Republicans’ Texas v. U.S. lawsuit, Rep. André Carson responded to the GOP’s latest efforts to strike down protections for people with pre-existing conditions, as well as every last benefit and protection provided by the Affordable Care Act. Rep. Carson highlighted the devastating impact that the GOP lawsuit could have on hard-working families throughout Indiana.

“Hoosiers want their representatives in Washington to strengthen and expand critical care that helps working families thrive,” Rep. Carson said. “But this disastrous lawsuit, if successful, could rip coverage away from millions of Americans and destroy life-saving protections for people with pre-existing conditions. For years, Republicans have worked to overturn, weaken, and downright sabotage the Affordable Care Act, which has culminated in this lawsuit.”

If the Texas v. U.S lawsuit is successful in repealing the Affordable Care Act, the health and financial well-being of Hoosier families will be severely damaged:

  • 497,000 Hoosiers could lose coverage.
  • 50,000 Indiana young adults with their parents’ coverage could lose care.
  • 2,745,700 Hoosiers living with pre-existing conditions could once again be denied coverage, which the Affordable Care Act outlawed.
  • 2,915,827 Hoosiers could once again have to pay for preventive care, including flu shots, cancer screenings, contraception, and mammograms.
  • 121,432 Indiana seniors could have to pay more for prescription drugs.

“I urge my colleagues across the aisle to abandon this dangerous, extreme, and ideologically-driven agenda and work with Democrats to build upon the ACA’s successes. Together, we can ensure every American’s right to quality and affordable health coverage.”