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Rep. Carson Statement on Political and Humanitarian Crisis in Ethiopia

Nov 19, 2020
Press Release

Washington, DC -- Congressman André Carson, the most senior Muslim Member of the United States Congress, released the following statement calling for a peaceful end to the growing political violence in Ethiopia: 

"I am extremely concerned with the escalating conflict in Ethiopia, driven by the growing discord and violence between the government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and the Tigray People's Liberation Front. Democracy is fragile in every nation, but particularly so in Ethiopia. The current unrest threatens not only the stability of this nation, but the entire Horn of Africa. The international community, as well as the Trump Administration and Congress, must do everything in our power to condemn the reported atrocities that have been committed, prevent future violence, and ensure a peaceful and productive dialogue between all involved in this conflict. 

"Securing a peaceful transfer of power in Ethiopia, a large, diverse and dynamic nation, will prove that Democracy and stability can be achieved in every nation. Ethiopia’s ancient and rich history has inspired generations working for independence and the right to govern themselves. The Nobel Peace Prize being awarded to an Ethiopian generated great hope for democratic progress for this proud nation. But awards must be followed by actions that abide by rule of law and protect the rights of all citizens, including the majority and the minority. My heart goes out to the Ethiopians who are caught in the middle of this dangerous and violent conflict. I urge Americans and concerned people around the world to call on Ethiopian leaders to commit to peace now. If these leaders fail to make this commitment, they risk harming and betraying the very people they claim to represent and protect."