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Intelligence Authorization Act Floor Speech- July 24, 2017

Jul 24, 2017
Statements for the Record

Intelligence Authorization Act Floor Speech


  • Mr. Speaker, as a Member of the House Intelligence Committee, I am proud of the bipartisanship that allowed us to put this bill together. 


  • Our committee, which normally operates quietly, has gotten more attention than normal this year as we conduct the critical business of investigating Russian intervention in our elections.


  • But we still do our day job--overseeing intelligence programs and providing support to the men and women of our intelligence community who fight to keep our country safe.


  • This bill is the culmination of this cooperation.


  • Our country is facing a wide array of pervasive and complex threats.


  • Our near-peer adversaries, Russia and China, are rapidly growing their military capabilities and regularly, unashamedly violating international law.


  • A nuclear weapons stockpile and functioning ICBM program now sit in the hands of an unpredictable North Korean dictator.


  • And the so-called caliphate started by ISIS is losing ground, only to increase homegrown attacks against the United States and its allies.


  • My constituents, like all Americans, are rightly concerned.


  • But they can feel confident that we are working with the intelligence community on ways to address them.


  • As the Ranking Member of the Emerging Threats Subcommittee, I am particularly interested in supporting our intelligence professionals who assess and prevent terrorist threats to our homeland—while protecting the civil rights and liberties of innocent Americans.


  • I’m working to ensure they use their expertise, as well as that in the private sector, to find and remove online propaganda used to recruit would-be attackers.


  • I’m also proud to include language that will enable the IC and private sector to temporarily exchange IT talent in order to better tackle some of the toughest cybersecurity challenges.


  • Mr. Speaker, Chairman Nunes and Ranking Member Schiff have led this process with bipartisan professionalism.


  • This bill is stronger because it reflects the input of all of our members.


  • The full House should have this same opportunity—not be forced to vote up or down under suspension.


  • Republican leadership owes it to our members to return to regular order so our bill can benefit from the input of the full House.


  • I yield back.